Gymnastics Fun Camps

Who can come?

Fun Camps are for School age children with or without previous gymnastics experience.

What will we do?

Summer Gym Fun Camps are a whole lot of fun rolled into either 3 hours (09:00-12:00) or if you are at least 5 years old you can choose to stay for 6.5 hours (09:00-15:30)!

You start the day playing games whilst getting to know each other, and your Coach.  Then it’s time to have a snack break mid morning before resuming the fun.  At midday you will either go home, or stop for lunch if you have selected the afternoon session too.

After lunch and a spot of  TV you will take part in a craft activity before heading back into the gym for either Dance, Gym or Ninja – Every day is different!

You’ll get very hot, so don’t forget to bring a full bottle of water.

What shall I wear?

Please come appropriately dressed – (eg: t shirt & shorts, joggers or a leotard) clothing with zips, buckles and buttons will damage our equipment and cannot be worn. Long hair must be tied back and no hoodies or jewellery is to be worn. New piercings must be covered with plasters or tape prior to arrival for your camp.

What should I bring?

Only bring essential items. Please bring a full water bottle, a healthy snack, your lunch (if applicable) and any medicines you require ie Ventolin, Epipens.  Please do not bring bulky items ie large coats or bags

Additional info: If your child has any serious allergies or medical concerns please contact us at

What does it cost?

Summer Gym Fun Camps cost £20 for a half day with an additional £15 should you choose the afternoon session too (children must be 5 years or over to stay all day).  Tuition is paid in full on booking via our Customer Portal, until you have completed payment your place is not guaranteed.

  • Summer Fun Camps are booked and paid individually
  • Each session is 3 hours long with a 15 minute snack break or 6.5 hours with a lunch break too if staying for the afternoon.
Please book via our Customer Portal

Please advise at the time of booking, if any child attending a Holiday Camp has Down’s Syndrome. An additional Atlanto Axial Instability screening form needs to be completed and returned prior to attending the Camp. This form requires verification by a medical practitioner and approval from insurers. Please allow sufficient time to complete and return the form to The Academy. Click Here for the Atlanto Axial Information Pack.