Bars Workshop

Who can come?

These camps are for children 6 and older who have gymnastics experience.

What will we do?

Elevate Your Skills: Whether you’re a beginner or a regular gymnast, our workshop caters to all skill levels. Our coaches will guide you through a progressive program, helping you master fundamental techniques and conquer breathtaking bar skills.

What shall I wear?

Please come appropriately dressed – (eg: t shirt & shorts, joggers or a leotard) clothing with zips, buckles and buttons will damage our equipment and cannot be worn. Long hair must be tied back and no hoodies or jewellery are to be worn. New piercings must be covered with plasters or tape prior to arrival for your camp.

What should I bring?

Only bring essential items. Please bring a full water bottle and any medicines you require.

Additional info: If your child has any serious allergies or medical concerns please contact us at

What does it cost?

All cost information can be found on our Customer Portal where bookings can also be made.

Please book via our Customer Portal

Please advise at the time of booking, if any child attending a Holiday Camp has Down’s Syndrome. An additional Atlanto Axial Instability screening form needs to be completed and returned prior to attending the Camp. This form requires verification by a medical practitioner and approval from insurers. Please allow sufficient time to contact, complete and return the form to The Academy.