Gymnastics Development Camps

Who can come?

These camps are for school age children who have gymnastics experience. If your child trains more than 9 hours a week, our Advanced Performance Camps would be more suitable.

What will we do?

Gymnastics Development Camps do exactly what they say on the tin! The day starts with a warm up run by our experienced coaches. From here the coaches run a circuit style conditioning set, they make it lots of fun – you have to be strong to be a Gymnast.

Once your muscles are awake and ready to go, you’ll work on the fundamentals and basics of Gymnastics, making sure they are done to perfection.  Then the apparatus work starts.  Throughout the camp you’ll be working hard while learning new skills too.

Our coaches work towards the needs and goals of every child,  working hard to achieve new skills with members of their group.  After the first rotation it’s snack time.

After your snack it is time to work hard once more, with your Coaches guidance and corrections.  Gymnastics Development Camps finish with stretches & cool down.

What shall I wear?

Please come appropriately dressed (leotard). Long hair must be tied back and no jewellery is to be worn, if you have a recent piercing please cover it with tape or a plaster prior to arrival.

What should I bring?

Only bring essential items including; a full water bottle, a healthy snack, hand guards (if used) and any medicines you require.  Please do not bring bulky items ie large coats or bags

Additional info: If your child has any serious allergies or medical concerns please contact us at

What does it cost?

Tuition information is available here and  booked via our Customer Portal, until you have completed payment your place is not guaranteed.

Please book via our Customer Portal

Please advise at the time of booking, if any child attending a Holiday Camp has Down’s Syndrome. An additional Atlanto Axial Instability screening form needs to be completed and returned prior to attending the Camp. This form requires verification by a medical practitioner and approval from insurers. Please allow sufficient time to complete and return the form to The Academy. Click Here for the Atlanto Axial Information Pack.