Party Details

It’s Party Time!

Our popular parties are back but with a few safety changes.

Your party package is for 20 children, including the birthday child and their siblings with no exception. It is no longer possible for us to accommodate any parents of your guests, and we ask that only the parent/s of the birthday child enter the building (maximum 2).

The cost of your party has been significantly reduced as we are no longer able to cater for food. We do ask that all your guests bring their own drink as they do tend to get thirsty and we are not able to serve drinks.

Your party will be for 1 hour, with exclusive use of our fantastic gymnasium, which includes bars, air track, ninja walls and trampoline with coaches on hand to supervise your activities.

Our normal process of hand-washing at our outdoor sinks, will be followed by guests entering the reception area where they will remove shoes and enter immediately into the gym. At the end of the hour, your guests will move to our waiting room, where you will be able to celebrate with singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles (birthday cake & serviettes should be supplied by the party host).

Presently, children should put their shoes on and leave via the exit. On the way out they can be handed their piece of Birthday cake, then met by their parents who will be waiting in our garden area.

Parties run on Sundays throughout the year. Our parties can be geared for any age from 5 years. We will provide equipment appropriate to the birthday child’s age.

We are unable to increase our numbers at this time.

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