In response to the BBC press coverage this week, former coach Elizabeth Kincaid has provided the following statement.
“I was a successful High Performance Coach and International Coach in elite level Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.  The health, well-being and safety of the gymnasts under my care and tuition was of paramount importance to me and a matter close to my heart. To suggest I would mistreat the gymnasts goes against every principle I live by and is very upsetting. The recollections detailed in the BBC piece are either totally false or entirely exaggerated and I am currently seeking legal advice. I categorically refute these allegations of misconduct levelled against me, which are deeply offensive. I understand that these allegations are the subject of an investigation by the governing body, British Gymnastics. I will be providing a full account to British Gymnastics which will include witness and documentary evidence to rebut these allegations.  Until the British Gymnastics investigation is concluded,  it is not appropriate for me to comment further.”
The Academy has not at any time received these complaints from either the individuals or their parents in relation to Elizabeth Kincaid and her coaching conduct. The Academy will of course co-operate and provide any information it can to assist on-going investigations.
The Academy prides itself on its exemplary safeguarding record and culture of offering a safe space for adults and children to enjoy the sport.
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