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25.08: Changes to our Recreational Programme commencing 30th August

Exciting changes to The Academy from Monday 30th August. Almost 18 months ago when we had to close our small business at the start of the pandemic, we were understandably worried regarding the future of the club. To be here now as the Country begins to return to normal, and our business having survived, whilst also supporting an athlete to a historic Olympic Games is truly phenomenal. It really couldn’t have been done without every single member, so for that a big thank you.

We understand you’re busy and so we’ve tried to summarise all relevant information for you below, it’s important that before attending, you understand all changes. Please note the below changes are respective to our Recreational, Novice and Squad programmes (Pre-School viewing will continue to be open to one adult per child as normal – no alphabetical restrictions)

Parent/Guardian Viewing
We will be reopening our doors to class viewing, with certain stipulations to reduce the pressure on our facility. Every week, we will alternate viewing opportunities between those with children’s surnames beginning with A-L and then M-Z (please note admission will be based on your child’s registered surname on our portal, we will take the first letter of any double-barrelled surnames).

Week 1 (w/c 30th August) will be those whose children whose registered surnames start A-L and then week 2 will be M-Z (so on and so forth). An A-frame outside of the building will display which group it will be that week.

Parent/Guardian Admission
Should it be your child’s week to have a parent/guardian view, this will be strictly limited to ONE adult per registered child. All children will enter the facility as they currently do, both those with viewing adults and those without, they will place their belongings into a bucket and head straight into their gym area, awaiting the start of their class. Parents/guardians who can view that week will be asked to line up outside awaiting the start of their child’s class. Once our staff have been able to admit all children into their relevant areas, parents/guardians will be invited into the building to view.

Viewing is non-transferable and you are only able to gain access to view if your child meets the alphabetical requirements. Where possible, we wish to limit the admission of siblings. If not possible, siblings will line up with their adults, awaiting their invite to enter once the class has started. Due to space requirements, we do ask that you only bring necessary items into the building, we will not accept scooters, bikes or pushchairs – these can be stored to the side of our building, either using our bike rack or tucked in to the building under the shelter.

We anticipate an initial wave of interest from parents/guardians and so ask that you read on regarding our Covid and Parking practices, to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Given the changes, there will be more pressure on our Car Park as viewing commences. It is imperative that parents/guardians use our Car Park responsibly and this includes:

  • only parking in marked bays
  • using the walkway when walking to the building
  • sticking close to the building when waiting for a class to start
  • not leaving a car in the drop off zone, even if it is for a couple of minutes
  • keeping to the speed limit and showing extra care when manoeuvring out of parking bays
  • should there be no marked bays available, find a space on Harbour Road and walk in

As a parking site, our neighbours also have large vehicles and machinery manoeuvring at times and have communicated concern for user’s safety. By following the above rules, you are creating a safe environment for your children, their friends, and all our members.

Whilst Covid practices are reducing across the country, we do feel it is sensible to continue some at The Academy. Firstly, we will ask all children and adults entering the facility to wash their hands using the outside basins upon arrival, and they will be asked to take their temperature upon admission. We will also strongly encourage the use of face masks by adults whilst inside our building, especially in areas of proximity. Once inside the building we are not able to police the situation, but ask that you are respectful of others. We have installed large TVs to display images of all classes for parents/guardians to view from the larger Café area.

Our staff will continue to hold a face covering on them for use in close contact, or when supporting the children.

Our Café will be reopening alongside these changes and we look forward to serving many happy customers their cappuccinos and lattes. Please note, only food and drink bought from Café Cairns can be consumed in the building, all tables will be reserved for Café patrons.

As detailed in our terms and conditions, should you child come to class without water and require a drink – we will provide them with a bottle of water and this will be charged to your account. Once your child has entered their class, they are not able to run out and collect belongings from any adults in the viewing room so it is important they come in with all they need (as they currently do).

End of class
Towards the end of your child’s class we ask that you collate your belongings and start to head outside to the garden area, where your children will be dispersed as normal. For those parents/guardians not able to view that week, you will continue to collect them from the garden area too.

During the initial weeks, a coach will be on hand to direct viewing adults during the end of their child’s class towards the exit we wish for you to use. Please note, there will be no re-entry after your child has been dispersed to the garden area, so please ensure you have everything with you when you go to collect them (including any post gym treats from the Café of course!)

Finally, should you have any queries, please let us know – we cannot wait to share what we have been working on, and allow your child an opportunity to share their sport with you.

Jeff Kincaid
COVID Officer

Download Pre-School Return to Training Procedures

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Download Recreational Return to Training Procedures

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Wash hands before entry.

Wear face coverings when dropping off and collecting.

Deep clean everyday.

Please adhere to social distancing at all times.

Temperature checks for all who enter the premises.

Use sanitiser provided throughout your visit.

Please do not attend if you feel unwell.

Staff members in PPE where appropriate.

Staff cleaning and sanitising throughout the day.

Contactless payment preferred where possible.

Attend in ready to start attire. (no changing on site).

Wear easy to get on/off footwear.


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