Covid Update

01.04: Mask Wearing

Following the government relaxations, the wearing of a mask whilst inside the building is no longer compulsory. We ask that you exercise due caution and remain respectful of others during this time.

Our Café is open and we look forward to serving many happy customers their hot drinks and snacks. Please note, only food and drink bought from Café Cairns can be consumed in the building, all tables will be reserved for Café patrons.

As detailed in our terms and conditions, should you child come to class without water and require a drink – we will provide them with a bottle of water and this will be charged to your account. Once your child has entered their class, they are not able to run out and collect belongings from any adults in the viewing room so it is important they come in with all they need (as they currently do).

End of class
Towards the end of your child’s class we ask that you collate your belongings and start to head outside to the garden area, where your children will be dispersed.

Should you have any queries, please let us know.

Jeff Kincaid
COVID Officer

Wash hands before entry.

Deep clean everyday.

Sanitiser available throughout your visit.

Please be respectful of others space.

Please do not attend if you feel unwell.

Staff cleaning and sanitising throughout the day.

Contactless payment preferred where possible.

Attend in ready to start attire. (no changing on site).

Wear easy to get on/off footwear.


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